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In this section of the MOOC, you will also find a well-being planner presented as a 28-day calendar. In each window of the calendar, for each day in the 28-day challenge, we provide a QR Code with a link to one of these micro-learning resources. These micro-learning resources have been developed as short videos, self-reflection activities and quizzes, short articles and blog posts and digital breakouts, which are challenge-based learning activities. In total, we have developed 7 articles, 7 videos, 7 digital breakouts and 7 quizzes or self-reflections; one each to address the following 7 topics related to supporting young employees to develop and maintain their well-being routines:

  1. Understanding my triggers and red flags,
  2. Developing healthy eating, exercise, and sleep routines,
  3. Mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques for acute stress episodes,
  4. Limiting my consumption of media and social media,
  5. Managing my expectations of myself and my work,
  6. Practicing self-care and self-compassion,
  7. Switching off and getting into nature.

To accompany these 28 micro-learning resources to support young employees to build their own well-being and self-care routines, we have also developed a self-help handbook. For each of the 18 micro-learning resources, we provide young employees with a specific self-help activity to accompany each resource. These handbook activities support young employees to reflect on what they have learned through this micro-learning activity, and to apply it to their daily lives and routines to help them to manage their well-being.

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