Fonds Gesundes Österreich [Healthy Austria Fund]

The platform offers informational resources in the section “Wissen” (knowledge) as well as a search engine to find in-service training, seminars and events dedicated to health at the workplace. 

Furthermore, the FGÖ offers funding for projects that focus on workplace health improvement.

The OER section “Wissenspool” (Pool of Knowledge) offers a broad range of topics, further links and publication. Most of the resources are text-based. 

The section about health promotion at the includes topics such as:

  • Best practice examples (2011, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2023)
  • A project data bank
  • Workplace Health Promotion 4.0
  • Events and Seminars
  • More Information about the FGÖ programs
  • Media formats: handbooks, brochures, magazines, factsheets, and more. 

Subsections include information about Workplace health promotion in the world of work 4.0 and Home Office.

Step 1: Go to


Step 2: Browse through the website and get familiar with the opportunities provided at the FGÖ. 


Step 3: Go to the sub-section


Step 4: Choose the informational resource that is most interesting to you.


Step 5: Take a look at the best practice examples provided at the top of the page and deduct, which practices make them successful and how you can apply their methods in your workplace.

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