Delta: A brand with a human face

Delta cafés is a portuguese company that trades on coffee and it is well recognised in the country by their pioneering on integrated management system and its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. 

In areas like work organisation, professional support and personal development, as well as equipment, services, and benefits, Delta’s commitment to reconciliation is demonstrated through the establishment of goals, resources, responsibilities, risks, and opportunities, as well as the monitoring process.

The anticipated advantages include keeping and attracting talent, lowering absenteeism and raising productivity, eliminating labour disputes, elevating the organisation’s standing in the eyes of the local and global community, and elevating the value of its goods and/or services.

Novadelta was also the first Portuguese company to obtain the Social Responsibility Certification in the SA8000 standard and has been merging in the Integrated Management System managing the Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001). and EMAS), Food Safety System (FSSC22000), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001).

Within the integrated management system there is the dimension of reconciliation of professional, family and personal life. This OER aims to disclose a good practice of a Portuguese company famous for its values and innovation. This OER is more inspirational in the sense that this company is very innovative in terms of sustainability and therefore in terms of well-being.

Step 1: Researching Delta cafés

Explore Delta cafés’ website, sustainable reports, and published articles to understand their best practices and initiatives for employee well-being. Take note of the values and principles they prioritise in their approach to well-being.

Step 2: Analysing best practices

Identify the various employee well-being initiatives, corporate social responsibility initiatives, health and safety policies, employee engagement programs, training and development efforts, and other relevant practices implemented by Delta Cafés. Assess how these practices align with the company’s values and contribute to a positive work environment.

Step 3: Drawing inspiration

Take inspiration from Delta Cafés’ best practices to implement similar initiatives within your own company. Consider how these practices can promote job satisfaction, work-life balance, and overall employee well-being in your organisation while staying true to your company’s core values.

Step 4: Adapting for your  company

Customize and adapt the best practices from Delta Cafés to fit the unique needs and culture of your own company. Ensure that the initiatives you choose resonate with your employees and align with your organisation’s mission and values.

Step 5: Implementing and monitoring

Implement the selected well-being initiatives and programs in your company. Monitor their effectiveness and gather feedback from employees to continuously improve and fine-tune the practices.

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