GESUNDHEIT.GV.AT – Öffentliches Gesundheitsportal Österreichs [GESUNDHEIT.GV.AT - Public Health Portal of Austria]

The online portal is provided by the Austrian Ministry of Health and designed to inform citizens about health issues. A huge section – which is linked in this OER – is dedicated to health at the workplace. This includes topics such as: Unemployment, Diet & Work, Healthy Work Practices, Healthy Workdays, Mind & Work. Each of these topics features more specific subtopics.

Furthermore, there is a guide that addresses health-related problems in specific situations of life. Well-being and health at the workplace go hand in hand and in the case of this OER, they are often used synonymously.

The OER is a mostly text-based educational and self-help offer by the Austrian Ministry of Health. The articles are written in an engaging style that picks the reader up where they are and invites them to click through the portal intuitively. The educational resources about health-related topics feature information about basic knowledge of the topics, rights and responsibilities, concrete ideas about how to improve one’s situation and many further links to helpful resources.

The personal guide prompts the reader with specific life situations and related health issues in first person narrative, in case the reader does not find the information they are looking for in the menu.

Step 1: Go to the OER. The link sends you directly to the section about health at the workplace.


Step 2: Choose to either click on one of the topics in the menu on the left (Unemployment, Diet & Work, Healthy Work Practices, Healthy Workdays, Mind & Work), or click on one of the three recommended articles or go to the personal guide at the bottom of the page.


Step 3: Read the article that sparked your interest and be sure to utilise the helpful resources provided.


If you are an employer or manager, be sure to read the article about how to foster health at the workplace in general and for WBL learners/apprentices


Step 4: In the personal guide, when you are choosing a specific life situation, go through the infographic path and use the further links.

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