Program of Promotion and care of psychosocial well-being in the company

Calidad Pascual S.A.U. is a family owned company in the food sector. The company highlights among its values sustainability, innovation, commitment to employees and closeness and orientation towards its customers. It collaborates with the entity Mental Health  Aranda for the selection of workers. Since the entity has an employment program for people with disabilities, their collaboration is very close. 

The company has given talks in the associative entity on how to make a good CV or give a vision about the world of work, and in turn, the association provides them with suitable professional profiles for the vacancies they offer. They also jointly organise the “Day of Families”, which is usually in December, and gives visibility to this and other associations and raises funds for solidarity actions. Calidad Pascual S.A.U. has delegations throughout Spain and its factory in Aranda de Duero is the oldest, with several warehouses for each product.

This OER aims to inspire HR managers to be committed to the psychosocial well-being of their staff.

The method and approach was to detect and be able to meet the needs of their workers in this aspect and made a pilot test on psychosocial risk. The results of the test were extended to the rest of the workers and today they evaluate the psychosocial risks of each new incorporation.

Step 1: Introduction
Learn about the program. Promotion and care of psychosocial well-being in the company Pascual. Understand the significance of promoting well-being and a positive work environment.


Step 2: Understanding the needs
It is important to be able to detect the needs and even possible risks that a worker may have at a specific moment in their life.


Step 3: How to know these needs?
It is crucial that the company knows what its employees need. This is why  direct contact with managers and also with Human Resources is so important. Workers consult them or inform them about doubts or complications that may arise in their day to day work. This is possible thanks to the trust generated and its discretion. 

Step 4: Promote the inclusion
HR managers encourage inclusion and to make contracts and collaborations with suppliers that work in the same line.

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