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Untile is a small company with 30 collaborators that has created digital products since 2009. Located in a small town in north of Portugal – Viana do Castelo, Untile excelled in Workwell awards 2023 and Great place to work as best company to work in the category of small companies with up to 50 people.


The purpose of this OER is to give visibility on how small companies can easily make good environments in terms of well-being.

The methods adopted by Untile were simple and focused on four outstanding practices:

1)Temporal and spatial flexibility – there is no set work schedule, each one works at the time that is most convenient for him/her, as long as the objectives and commitments assumed are respected and achieved. Each one chooses whether to work remotely, face-to-face or hybrid. 

2) Extra rest time – on the afternoon of the last Friday of each month the company closes, in addition to each employee having four extra vacation days per year.

3) Wellness program – Focused on mental health, with a daily crisis helpline and six free psychology/psychiatry/psychotherapy consultations per year. 

4) Annual productivity award – based on the performance of the team, depending on the results achieved by the company in view of the previously defined and communicated objectives. It rewards more for the results achieved by the team and not so much for individual goals.

Step 1: Flexible work arrangements

Offer flexible work hours and remote work options to accommodate employees’ needs and preferences.

Step 2: Time for rest and relaxation

Provide additional time off, such as a monthly early closure and extra vacation days, to promote work-life balance.

Step 3: Mental health support

Implement a well-being program with daily crisis support and regular psychology/psychiatry/psychotherapy consultations.

Step 4: Performance-based rewards

Offer annual productivity bonuses based on team performance, promoting a collaborative work environment.

Step 5: Customised approach

Tailor the work environment to meet the unique needs of employees, valuing their growth and well-being.

Step 6: People-first philosophy

Prioritize employee well-being, believing that a happy and supported team leads to successful outcomes.


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