Netzwerk Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung [Network for Workplace Health Promotion]

The Network for Workplace Health Promotion is primarily an key information point to inform Austrian companies about workplace health, the added value of it, how they can improve the well-being of employees and how to go from theory to practice. 

The network also offers the opportunity to obtain the “BGF” brand for one’s company by complying to a specific quality criteria. The brand can be obtained for three years and requires a renewal process thereafter. The network also announces an award for best practice projects of company health promotion.

The BGF Netzwerk offers information on how to promote workplace health and well-being – on one hand in the process of obtaining the BGF brand via compliance to quality criteria and on the other hand in their download centre, which includes a range of free handbooks, brochures and guidelines about health at the workplace. The term health means physical health and mental health including well-being in the German language. 

Step 1: Go to the Download-Center of the BGF Netzwerk.


Step 2: Choose one or more of the learning resources:


Step 3: Read through the resource and take notes.


Step 4: Reflect on your learnings and deduct concrete potential improvement/implementation steps for your company.

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