The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Office Design | Amanda LeClair | TEDxNatick

How the physical aspects of the workspace affects wellbeing and productivity

Understand how your workspace surroundings might affect your productivity, wellness and mental health throughout the day. Identify the ways you can modify your office space to better serve you and your employees.

  1. Short reflection and observation of your workspace surroundings
  2. Supportive media (video)
  3. Discussion with coworkers
  4. Change up your office surroundings
  1. Observe your workspace surroundings. How does the space make you feel? Note down three things that you think work and three things that don’t work in the way the workspace is organised, set up, lit, painted, separated, decorated, etc.
  2. Watch TEDx Talk « The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Office Design». 
  3. Compare your notes to what you learnt from the video. Were your observations in line with what Amanda LeClair suggests? Did you think of more ways that the design of your workspace affects your wellbeing at work?
  4. Ask your coworkers and employees to share three things that work and three things that don’t work for them in the workspace. Let everyone share their ideal workspace.
  5. Take time to analyse all the suggestions you heard and implement the changes in your workspace as soon as possible. Make sure you allow enough flexibility and include every employee in the ideation and implementation process. 

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