Materiales de aprendizaje para Educators and Mentors

This CPD curriculum comprises 42 hours of training made up of 18 hours of face-to-face instruction and 24 hours of self-directed online learning addressing the more pedagogic and theoretical elements of the curriculum. This curriculum has been designed across the following 3 modules, with 6 hours of face-to-face and 8 hours of self-directed learning per module:

Module 1 – Introduction to Work-based Learning and Work-place Well-being – this module supports educators and mentors to facilitate work-based learning (WBL) programmes related to well-being and also introduces the well-being concerns of young employees in the post-pandemic workplace.

Module 2 – Introduction to Micro-Learning Theory – this module supports educators and mentors to learn about micro-learning theory, and where it is best used to positively impact the learning journey of diverse groups of learners.

Module 3 – Developing Micro-Learning Resources for Young Employees – this module supports educators and mentors to create their own micro-learning resources for young employees and other cohorts of learners who could benefit from this approach.




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Project Number: 2022-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000086525

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