Wellness room

Wellness room  is a project by Teleperformance Portugal that  devotes one space that anyone can use on break from work, either at the beginning or at the end of the day.  Located in Teleperformance  building at Expo Atlântico  this room was designed to promote an holistic approach to well-being, supporting mental, emotional, and physical health to foster a positive and caring work environment that is centered on stress reduction, mental health support, physical rejuvenation and increased creativity as well as energy recharge.  

This OER aims to inspire HR managers to make a difference in their work environments through a simple solution like giving a space to collaborators to be safe or quiet or relax. With this idea in mind they can also evolved the wellness room into a space with several services available to collaborators  such as classes, health appointments, conferences, seminars, mindfulness space among other things.

The method  and approaches are straightforward. It is the design of a  room fully dedicated to well-being in order to support employees in their work environment. The room has space for employees to stretch a little, meditate, do yoga or whatever one feels necessary to calm down and relieve stress.

Step 1: Introduction
Learn about the Wellness room project at Teleperformance Portugal. Understand the significance of promoting well-being and a positive work environment.

Step 2: Understanding the concept
Study the holistic approach to well-being embraced by the Wellness room. Pay attention to the key components – stress reduction, mental health support, physical rejuvenation, increased creativity, and energy recharge – and reflect if you want to have a similar approach or narrow down the components addressed. If you need to advocate for this idea, share Teleperformance employees testimonials since  this initiative had a positive impact on them.

Step 3: Assessing organisational needs
Assess your organisation’s current well-being initiatives.
Identify areas where employees could benefit from the introduction of a Wellness room –like space. Consider the resources, space, and budget available to implement this project.

Step 4: Designing the wellness room
Think about the elements you need to include in this room to set up a dedicated space for well-being activities. There are a variety of elements to include, such as comfortable seating, soothing colours, calming decorations, and necessary equipment.
Design a space that aligns with the organisation’s culture and values.

Step 5: Creating a well-Being program

Think about activities this room can offer to employees. 

Create strategies to encourage employee participation and engagement.

Incorporate stress-reducing techniques, mental health support resources, and physical well-being practices.

Consider nominating a curator for the space in charge of the programme and all necessary logistics.

Step 6: Training and awareness

Provide training to all your HR staff and other relevant employees.

Educate employees about the benefits of utilising the Wellness room and the available resources.

Create communication templates to promote the initiative effectively. Alternatively, you can involve departments of communication and/or marketing to help you to be more effective in creating team awareness around the existence of this room and its activities.


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